Christa J. Obuchowski is a traditional naturopath, botanical perfumer, distiller, and educator. In 1994, Christa founded the AromaBotanica Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering a full-spectrum approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit through stimulating natural healing potentials. In her therapeutic practice she incorporates her love and knowledge of the plant world into practical application. Christa is a licensed educator and massage therapist.


Growing up in Germany Christa was first introduced to plants at a young age, helping her grandfather make plant medicines, macerations and tinctures. Christa studied aromatherapy and plant medicine with leading authorities in the field, including Kurt Schnaubelt, Dr. Dietrich Guembel, Dr. Jay Scherer, Matthew Wood, and Rosita Arvigo. She has been a biodynamic gardener, studied with Mayan healers in Belize, and currently travels the world to research plants and incense. She has more than 100 scent compositions on the market.


For the last twenty years, she has devoted herself to the art and science of blending plant extracts and healing with scent. Her great love is the creation of scent portraits for individuals using a ‘scent palette’.


In recent years Christa has come to work more with raw plant materials, making plant extracts herself through processes of distillation and maceration. Her distillation teacher, Jack Chaitman, taught her hydro-distillation, a centuries-old technique, using silica glass vessels. Distillation is another of her passions.


Christa is devoted to education. She teaches classes on plant medicine, the art of perfume making, and self-care. Every month she holds “Aroma Hydro-soul Salons” at her studio, exploring the healing magic of Aroma hydrolates with colleagues and clients. Lastly, Christa facilitates health retreats in various locations such as New Mexico, Hawaii, and Asia.

Through the AromaBotanica Institute, Christa teaches classic approaches to botanical healing. Her extraordinary lineage and lifelong international experience make the Institute a unique, invaluable resource. Here, the precious blue lotus flower, used in her fragrances.